Consulting, expert opinion and research

We provide professional consultancy services in all relevant aspects on tunnel ventilation, aerodynamic, climate, safety and risk analysis, tunnel equipment, and pollution dispersion. We prepare expert opinions in these areas on behalf of constructors and public authorities. We draw on our long-term experience of more than 1000 international projects and the continuous engagement in research and development.

Research and development

New or adapted norms and guidelines lead to changing requirements for tunnel constructions. Changes of the usage requirements can lead to new performance requirements. With the check of the functional and safety requirements of existing tunnels by HBI, the safety level is determined and the need for action and the measures to be realized are demonstrated.

Safety check​​​​​​

Lötschberg base tunnel

Ventilation and safety concept

Young Dong railway tunnel

Ventilation and risk control

Tunnel Groene Hart, Dordtsche Kil and Rotterdam Noordrand

Efficiency of the emergency ventilation

Stuttgart city railway: U12 Hallschlag-Münster

Safety and ventilation concept

Augsburg mobility hub

Safety and ventilation concept

Tunnel Rheinufer Düsseldorf

Smoke extraction and keeping smoke-free


City Tunnel Freiburg

Technical safety risk analysis


Tunnel Böhämmer

Safety analysis


Kiesberg tunnel Wuppertal

Tunnel ventilation retrofit


Arlberg Street Tunnel

Expert opinion on tunnel safety


Gallery of Dormagen-Horrem

Risk-based safety evaluation

HBI has the high level of competence and broad experience required to serve as an independent inspection entity. The service that includes assessment of the safety and scrutiny of the safety documentation is targeted to assist in particular the administrative authority. The EU-Directive 2004/54/EC dated 29 April 2004 on minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the trans-European road network prescribes that a safety documentation has to exits. Moreover, the organization shall persist of various entities with clearly defined roles and responsibilities: administrative authority, tunnel manager, inspections entity and safety officer.

Investigating body 2004/54/EC